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Do you want to grow your business, make a website, need some coaching, sort your marketing, need legal or accounting advice, or other professional services?

Affiliate Partners to Business Edge are members, who have proven expertise and knowledge in their given field, and offer their paid professional services, (Coaching, Consulting, Business Development and Training) to Business Edge Members while also making a contribution to Business Edge once referral  business is undertaken.

We recommend and promote these Affiliates as Trusted Advisors and experts in their field. They hold a proven Christian world view, own mature businesses, and understand their calling to the marketplace. Each BE Affiliate offers a ½ hour free exploratory consultation to Members of BE.

Please feel free to contact any one of those list below and mention Business Edge as your contact point. You will be pleased you did!


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Meet Tracey Olivier

Business Edge Life Strategies Coach

Tracey is passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership and shifting people in business and life. She has the ability to connect with people from every sector, so she is comfortable to work within large corporations as well as solo entrepreneurs. As a Developer and Futurist, she is able to recognise and draw out people’s potential and help them see their end goal. Tracey is an Activator and so is able to ignite and activate people towards their end goals.

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The vision statement of Business Edge is “To be the business group of choice in our city and nation, unlocking all your potential for good and for God.”

What others are saying...

  • I have tried many business coaches over my 20+ years in business, but Tracey is the first person who got to the heart of the matter – and quickly.   This has had immediate impacts on every aspect of my life and business.  I wish I had met her years earlier.  Tracey has supernatural insight and asks great questions which lead to revelation and realisation, and she supports you through any uncomfortable stuff.  I highly recommend Tracey if you’re looking for breakthrough in your personal or business/working life.

    Sussan Ockwell, Optimism
  • I found the whole workshop incredibly simple and straight forward: aligning my own core values and feelings, and identifying what is important /or not to me.  All in all a great session to step back, look forward, realign and prioritise.

    Willi Olsen, Pacific Sox
  • I was privileged to have 3 Sessions with Tracey and all I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow !! . What I discovered and the break through I made is absolutely immense. Tracey, you are an incredible Coach. Smart, Patient, Totally real and with such heart and love. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

    Yvette Pearce-McMannaway, Feed on life Ltd
  • Thank you so much Tracey for the amazing workshop you ran for my team last week. Honestly your insights into our team structure, dynamics and efficiency were so helpful. It is great having a strong framework to  lead out from. Thank you so much for your energy and excellent insights! It is quite wild to think how much better we will be able to function as a team due to your wisdom and input. Nga mihi nui.

    Craig Barrow, Pathways College
  • “God always has something to say about this,” says founder Denis Clark.  “Corporate prayer, by fellow believers, focused on a particular business has amazing results,” he says, “just read the testimonies.”

    Denis Clark