Once you have become a financial member of Business Edge your name, business, web address, and a description of your business will be added to the Prayer System. You will begin receiving a prayer email each week-day morning in your inbox and we are also happy to connect your spouse as an observer. You are encouraged to pray for each person and the needs they have shared in the email. If God gives a word/scripture, an encouragement, or a practical suggestion you can share your encouragement by email, text or phone.

One in every four weeks you will be invited to type your own prayer request / praise points and your business will feature. You will experience “the prayers of the saints” … it is powerful!

The system is driven electronically from the website and is designed to be interactive… you will enjoy the words of encouragement, scriptures, practical suggestions etc that come your way, and being able to do the same for others. There is no need to know or have met each person, as God knows them intimately!

We invite you to watch this small video clip

The next best part is to come to conference, and meet your prayer partners in person!


You are encouraged to let us know when you receive an answer to prayer, we want to celebrate with you, it builds up our faith to continue to pray, and it encourages others to share their needs and their victories.

“Therefore encourage, exhort one another, strengthen and build up one another, just as you are doing.”
1 Thessalonians 5:11

There is a facility for reply and testimonials built into the system. We encourage you to join Business Edge and begin to add to the prayer answers of others while receiving more yourself!

Here are some examples...

  • “ Wow that scripture you sent was amazing, and I want you to know that God has answered my prayer over the top!”

  • Thanks for praying… The main lesson I have learned in past 2 weeks is God wants to hear my voice in prayer. All very well to request prayer back up but the buck stops with me and He wont bless laziness even if you’re stretched on all fronts He is looking for that time alone with me so I grow “1,000 times bigger on the inside” >>Stephen

  • “Sometimes I not only get some texts from members I don’t know, I get a phone call from Pastor Clarkie, it always comes at just the right time, and he always prays for me!! You wait till you get one, it will completely change your day!”