The Journey from Here to There

What if we could have a map and a compass for life? What if we could navigate confidently through the tough patches that life throws at us? What if we could enjoy the journey?

Life is a series of stages, of leaving one place and entering another. We leave the womb and enter into infancy; we leave infancy and enter toddlerhood, and so it continues. Until we leave where we are, we will never get to the next destination. This book is about the journey from the safe (but stifling) place called Here, to the life-giving, destiny- altering place called There. Based on Tracey Olivier’s own journey, it is for anyone who has ever dreamed of a different future – a future where they know who they are and why they were created. Acknowledging that the road in between is where the real battle lies, the book provides a map, a compass and a rucksack full of tools and anecdotes to keep you ‘growing’ in the right direction.

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