Mentoring, Consulting, & Business Development

Are you looking to grow your business, make a website, need some coaching, sort your marketing, up skill the sales team, need legal or accounting advice, or other professional services?

Affiliate Partners to Business Edge are members, who have proven expertise and knowledge in their given field, and offer their paid professional services, (Coaching, Consulting, Business Development, Professional services, Training etc) to Business Edge Members while also making a contribution to Business Edge once referral  business is undertaken.

We recommend and promote these Affiliates as Trusted Advisors and experts in their field. They hold a proven Christian world view, own mature businesses, and understand their calling to the marketplace. Each BE Affiliate offers one ½ hour free exploratory consultation.

Please feel free to contact any one of those list below and mention Business Edge as your contact point. You will be pleased you did!

  • To become a recognised Affiliate Contributor/Partner promoted on our Web Page, please contact 

Meet Our Affiliate Partners

Business Success Partners provides the resources and systems designed to help businesses grow and prosper. Cliff has developed many skills throughout his military and business career with strategic, operational planning, and management as a strength. Cliff has a ‘can do’ attitude with integrity being the cornerstone for his value.

Christine Petrie . Shifting Focus helps businesses reach their goals faster. Services include business and strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, profitability analyses, reporting systems, funding applications, project management, and business mentoring. With extensive experience in commercial, project and financial management in the private, public and non-profit sectors Christine is passionate about freeing up leaders to do the things they love.  See you there  

Russell, Linda-Maree and their team will work with you to develop solutions across a range of Employment Relations, Human Resource, Consultancy and Recruitment disciplines, experienced in working across the full Employment Relations/Human Resources environment, and mediation. Our clients include small privately owned companies to large corporate organisations and cover all industry sectors including the farming sector.

Aaron McLeod: Advanced Accounting & Business Advisory 

At Advanced Accounting in Manawatu we are more than just accountants. Your business is not just a number to us; we value our relationships with our clients and are passionate about helping your business to thrive. Whether you’re doing business in your gumboots or in the boardroom we’re eager to help you set and reach your goals. Engage us for all your accounting and business needs. Phone Aaran 021 621811

Zita Cameron; Infuzed Business / Sales Training 

Our goal is to educateempower equip business owners, managers, sales people & teams with the tools they need to succeed. We believe our dynamic training & business support groups enable businesses to thrive because we work with people to achieve their goals and shift them to a mind-set of success.

Call me to help educate, empower & equip your sales team to achieve a higher level of sales success for your business. Phone Zita 021 948211

Andrew Clements and Mike Grayson:  Lawyers

Grayson Clements is an independent, boutique law firm; built on traditional values with fresh, practical thinking. Grayson Clements believes in looking after people, delivering commercial, pragmatic advice. Our specialisms in land, trusts and structural design are enhanced by our commercial, conveyancing and litigation services.  Grayson Clements’ solid foundation of advising private clients, trustees, business families and charities is complemented by our work with business, agri-business, entrepreneurs, and professional firms (domestic and international)

The vision statement of Business Edge is “To be the business group of choice in our city and nation, unlocking all your potential for good and for God.”

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